Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Safety Pin Bracelet

The other day I saw someone wearing a bracelet that looked like this:

I fell in LOVE with it. 
And ran to the store and picked up all the necesarry ingredients to make one for myself.

So here is what I did.

First I started with these three items.

A bag of Safety Pins (Walmart $2.00)

A box of beads
(Also at Walmart--and ALSO $2.00--one bracelet uses about 1/2 the box)

And some stretchy beading elastic (Which I already had on hand!)

I decided I wanted a random pattern to my bracelet--so I took my beads and dipped my safety pins into the box and randomly strung each one full of beads.

Which left me with a pile of these:

When I had a big enough pile (around 80 safety pins) I cut 2 pieces (each about 9 1/2" long) of the elastic cording and tied them together with a knot at one end.  I didn't make this knot REALLY tight as I wanted to untie it later to tie it to the other side of the bracelet.

Next I started stringing on the safety pins--alternating their orientations so that it looked like this:

If you are making one of these--you may have to tug the elastic cord into the little slot where the safety pin closes--if you have thinner elastic it might just slide in.

Once I had them all strung--I undid the first knot and tied both ends of the bracelet together with two separate knots.  I also added a touch of crazy glue on top of the knots to make sure they stayed secure.

And that is it!
Easy Schmeasy!
A fun, cute, colorful one of a kind bracelet for about $3.00!

Well--it will be one of a kind UNTIL you make one for all of your friends and family members! 
Trust me--these are so fun to make--I only started making them last week and I have already given away 2 as gifts and kept 2 for myself! 

It looks super cute with smaller beads as well.

So--if you are a friend of mine--please act thrilled and surprised when you are given one of these for your next birthday!

P.S.  As I am looking at these pictures--it is pretty obvious that I never could have made it as a HAND MODEL with my TOE THUMBS--but You know what?  I think my WRISTS are pretty darn nice looking (minus all the freckles)!  I think I could have been a REALLY GREAT WRIST MODEL!  Oh well.

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  1. Very cute! My mom had a safety-pin necklace that I always admired.

  2. My daughter and I are making these, this week! We have all the safety pins done we just need to put them on the elastic. I bought all types of beads from Micheals Crafts.

  3. Maybe did you see this person at church?? because I might have noticed the same one and did the samething :) ha ha

  4. Oh! You're funny! I've never heard of Toe THumbs...didn't notice yours and didn't even scroll back up to check to them out...I'm just that nice! :-)
    Love your bracelets and your tutorial. I may make some for the moms on my boys' soccer teams in team colors...cute!

  5. I love how creative you are and how cute this bracelet is!
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  6. Ok, I LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for the instructions!

  7. Congratulations Sharon, Your cute bracelet made this week's Top 5 Hits! Come check it out, grab a button if you'd like and thanks for sharing your fabulous idea.

  8. We used to make these at girls camp when I was younger. Quick, easy and fun to do in any color! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

  9. very nice idea, thank you!

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