Thursday, March 3, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover

A while ago I showed you the new bedding we got for Christmas--but I have yet to show you our master bedroom makeover. 

So lets remember where we started:

This is what our room looked like for many years before we added our $1 Headboard: 

Then came the headboard and mirror:

Everything in the room was all coordinated around the blue and green color scheme.

Our lamps--(I already showed you their transformation HERE):

My whole sewing area including the chair:

Pictures on the Wall:

Lets just say that the purchase of new bedding ENTIRELY upset the balance and order of my WHOLE ENTIRE ROOM!!!  I needed to redo everything!!!

So I started with my little sewing chair.  I had left over fabric from my Kitchen curtains.  And it matched PERFECTLY!! 

So I just stapled over the other fabric (even though I actually started to undo all the staples to take it apart and my hubby walked in and asked me why I didn't just put it on top!  I swear that guy is a GENIUS!!  Duh!  Saved me a lot of work!)

I think it looks very elegant.

Close up so you can see the fabric:

Then above my dresser (Which is on the list to get a new coat of paint) I had collected a fantastic little assortment of Chucke Cheese photos.  They are small and Cheesy (get it?) but I love them.  However, they didn't look very elegant on my walls as they were:

So I found some dollar store picture frames (2 for $1) that were the same size.

I spray painted those babies up--as well as my lamp shades.

Then I scanned in the originals into my computer (So I could have a digital copy) and then reprinted them and framed them up.  I really love how they turned out!

Next the curtains were now all wrong--as was the curtain rod and curtain hangy thingies.

So they got a makeover with spray paint too:

I think that the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish looks so much better and matches the sconces I have on either side of my mirror.  AND I totally scored and found these old curtain panels in my closet.  They were from another room and I hadn't seen them in years and just stumbled upon them!  So serendipitous!

So that is my new master bedroom.

And isn't it nice that I got it all done--just in time to move?  Oh well--I'm sure our renters will appreciate the fresh coat of paint on the walls!

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