This Thrifty Girl

My name is Sharon and OK--Lets just face facts--I am CHEAP! I squeeze those pennies till they squeal! But for blogging purposes--I thought THRIFTY sounded a lot better than cheap! Besides being "Thrifty," I am a happy stay at home mom to 4 awesome kiddos. I am a lucky wife of the best guy in the whole wide world. And yes, I do LOVE to hunt and scavage garage sales, thrift stores, or curbsides for that gem with hidden potential! I'm just a gal trying to create beauty in my little world and stretch every dollar!

For those who want the RANDOM knitty gritty about me--here's a few (25 to be exact):

1. My parents didn't give me a middle name when I was born. When I met hubby he gave me the middle name of Emelia.  And it is my favorite thing when he calls me Sharon Emelia. I love it way more than "honey," "Sweetie," or anything else!

2. I can't tell a short story...EVER. As hard as I try to tell a short story, those really important little details always manage to sneak in...and most often, the not so important details do to.

3. I'm a little bit of a Work-a-Holic. I really like to get stuff done. And I have a tough time relaxing until the stuff gets done. (Thanks to my Dad for that little trait!!)

4. I really like to clean my ears with Q-tips EVERYDAY. It is not so much that I am cleaning my ears as it is that I really like a good scratching.

5. I am always Cold.

6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fun socks! They are my most favorite present to give and receive. And people who don't wear socks in the middle of winter bug me. Don't they know that it is COLD!!!! And they make me cold by not wearing socks!!! Oh and as a disclaimer, I don't like theme socks like Christmas socks with Santa on them, or Valentines socks with hearts and cupids or other geeky prints on them. I only like fun socks with stripes, polka dots, argyle etc.

7. Besides socks, I also have a love affair with my slippers. I never leave home without them.

8. I am slightly OCD. But I live with 5 other people who do not share in my obsession, and so I have painfully learned to tone down my OCDness, but secretly I dream of living in Monk's House.

9. We don't have TV at our house...I mean we have a TV, we just don't have cable, satellite, or rabbit ears or anything. So we just watch dvd's and such. So I don't get to watch any tv series. BUT, I love two series enough that I must buy every season as it comes out, and Tim and I watch the episodes over and over cause we love them. They are: Psych and Monk.

10. I've never had a cavity. I've never had more dental work than a cleaning.

11. I have a supernatural, uncanny ability to always choose the slowest lines in the grocery store and at the border.

12. I have thumbs that look like big toes.

13. I tend to over embellish things when I talk...for example: "I haven't seen you for a million years!" or "That was the awesomest thing that I have ever seen in my whole entire life!" or "I had to call him a zillion times before he answered!". Oh, and it seems that I do the same thing when I write. I think I ad way too many exclamation points and stuff like that!!!!!!

14. I love jeans. I love the way they look, the way they feel, the way they smell, everything about them! And I love sewing them into quilts when I am done wearing them.

15. I love to eat nachos. I would rather have nachos for an after dinner snack than just about anything else.

16. I love to make my bed in the mornings. I have a very specific way that I make it and my day cannot start until my bed is made. And once it is made, NO ONE is allowed to sit on it, be near it, or breath on it...just in case they wreck my bed making and then I have to start all over again. (I know I'm crazy. Its my OCDness!)

17. My right foot is slightly bigger than my left, and therefore I always have to try on shoes with my right foot to make sure they won't be too small.

18. I slouch. I am married to a Chiropractor and I have the worst posture in the world! My Hubby gets after me all of the time! Just call me quasimodo!

19. I'm smarter than I look. I graduated magna cum-laude from BYU with a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences...but I still can't spell! But all of the brains that I may have once had, have long sinced oozed out with the births of each of my children. So never mind. I didn't really mean it.

20. I dream of writing children's books. I want to be the next Dr. Seuss.

21. I have never been anywhere tropical. Tim and I are planning to fix that for our 15th anniversary (1 more year)!!!

22. If I find a shirt that I like, I usually buy the same shirt in several different colors. But if it is a shirt that I really like, I tend to not wear it very often cause I'm scared of getting it spilled on, or stained or whatever. So my favorite clothes usually stay in pristine condition hanging in my closet. (I know, its the OCD thing again!)

23. I LOVE it when my kids wake up with really exciting hair dos! My little guy Landon, has THE BEST nap hair. I love it!

24. I have glasses but I hate wearing them. They bug me. But so do contacts. So I usually only wear my glasses when I have to, and the rest of the time I just squint. Some day I will have lazer eye surgery.

25. I have a wonderful Life. I am married to the most wonderful man alive. I have 4 amazing children. I have the best families (on both sides) and the most fabulous friends. I am a very blessed individual!

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