Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Framed Bathroom Mirror

So I have been CRUSHING for sometime on FRAMED BATHROOM MIRRORS!  Especially when I saw THIS tutorial by Impatiently Praying for Patience.

I knew I just HAD to try it in MY bathroom!

And so--about 6 weeks ago--my hubby and I decided to tackle our Master Bathroom mirror. 

This is what we had to work with:

A Plain Jane builder grade bathroom mirror.

So we did some CAREFUL measuring:

And then we trotted off to Lowes with ALL of our 4 little darlings in tow.

Needless to say--we were in and out of there with our trim in RECORD TIME--on account of the fact that all 4 of our children were misbehaving SO BADLY acting LESS than fabulous--that we grabbed the FIRST trim that looked good to us and LEFT!

Now this is unusual for us--as we are such ANAL PENNY PINCHER'S that we usually have to look EVERYTHING over--compare prices--then drive to 2 other stores to make sure we are getting the BEST DEAL!!  But NOT THIS TIME.  Sorry to say--our kids were just THAT bad that day.  We needed to leave the store soon before they murdered each other--or before we murdered them!  (Ever have one of THOSE shopping trips?)


So we got the trim home and my Hubba Hubba Hubby trimmed it with his Miter Saw:

Then we did a little spray painting.

(We were hoping that this would suffice as far as painting goes--and we would just have to touch up after spackling--but we were WRONG--as we had to repaint the entire thing later on.  So this step was pretty much a waste of time.  But I took a picture--so I am sharing it.  Just keeping it REAL!)

Next we applied LIQUID NAILS to all the pieces and then taped them into place right on top of the mirror.
(And YES there is a child having a bath in the background!)

We allowed it to dry with the tape on for a couple of days--just to make sure it was good and stuck!

From here--all we had to do was fill these little gaps as the corners with spackle and then touch up the paint.

Well SOMETIMES those silly little jobs of FINISHING off a project can take the longest time to get around to doing... and then when you do get around to doing them--they SOMETIMES don't work out EXACTLY like you wanted and so that SOMETIMES you get to RE-DO them.  And so SOMETIMES those LITTLE projects can turn into much BIGGER projects!


We tried to finish off the frame with caulking--but our gaps were a little too big and the caulking just didn't do the trick!
So then we tried to spackle over the caulking.  We sanded and painted it--only to have it look HORRIBLE!

So then we got to dig out all of it in some areas and start over.  And the other corners my hubby had to re-apply more wood filler and then sand it within an inch of its life!

Then once we were FINALLY satisfied--I go to paint the whole thing with SEVERAL coats of white paint (because of all the sanding and such--a little touch up paint was just not going to do it).

But we painted and perservered...AND NOW AFTER ALMOST 2 MONTHS--ITS FINALLY DONE!!!

So just because I LOVE Before and Afters--Here We Go:



And even though we had a little trouble with the finishing work--it really is a SIMPLE AND EASY project!

AND It really was worth it!

P.S.  And I just wanted to mention--no children were harmed in the making of this project or this post.

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  1. It turned out good, I've been wanting to do that in my house.

  2. I love that!!! I've been wanting to do that in my master bath for a while now. I'm glad to see a tutorial that prepares me for what will REALLY happen, in my REAL LIFE house. The result is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love how it turned out! It looks so nice. Great job on it :)

  4. It Looks SOOOOO much better!! Way to go, I LOVE the fresh clean look of the white frame!
    Visiting from my backyard eden

  5. Yes, this too is on my long list of want-to-do things. You are not alone with the "less than fabulous behavior" by children. They have a way of moving us right along, right? :)

  6. Thank you for "keeping it real" :) I've been wanting to do this in our master bathroom for a while now. Love it!!

  7. Did you remove the little plastic screw holders that hold the mirror up at the top? My boyfriend doesn't want to try this because he said he has to deal with that and then the metal part on the bottom that the mirror sits in.

  8. LOL! Yes, I have those days where I realize, I am "One of those Moms, with those horrible children!" Ugh. I guess we all have those days.

    Your mirror looks great!


  9. I am so glad no children were harmed! I am always amazed at how people with a passel of kids can post at all! Amazing! I love the mirror, on top of the blue it stands out so wonderful!

    I joined in the fun and came over from Transformation Thursdays


  10. I think that it looks great! Thanks for keeping it real - sometime it just "seems" too easy on some blogs huh! :)

  11. WE re-did both our bathrooms two years ago, with the exception of the mirrors. DH did not want to deal with taking them down and replacing them. They have bothered me ever since as they are the ONLY think besides the cabinets that are original to the bathrooms. I believe this is a great solution! Looks wonderful and I will be copying this very soon.

  12. Sharon that turned out great! I love your whole bathroom - but that mirror frame certainly makes the room. I've been wanting to do this in our bathroom but haven't taken the plunge yet. :)

  13. It really looks good! Great job!!
    We did this too a few months ago. It's on my blog {pic & link in the sidebar}. I left the gaps in mine. LOL

  14. It looks great and changes the whole look of the room. Great job!

  15. Oh wow! Your mirror looks great! It really dresses up the bathroom.

  16. Looks great! This is on my list of things I'm meaning to tackle...I just need to get up the motivation to actually DO it.

  17. Wish we would have thought of liquid nails when we did ours! We placed our trim half on-half off of the mirror and nailed. Ah well. Your bathroom looks great ... tubbies and all.

  18. Framing the mirror was a great idea! Nice job.


  19. What a great idea! I'm thinking of removing the old woodwork from around our bedroom mirror and this would be a great replacement for it.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  20. Wow! Looks wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  21. That looks so great!!! I have been wanting to do this for months!!

  22. Oh my gosh! I love it! My bathroom mirror is large and boring, not to mention the 80's globe lights above it. A frame would make it look much more elegant. I am definitely going to add your blog to my inspiration list.

  23. It looks great! I am wanting to do this in one of our bathrooms. We have a whole wall of mirror and it goes from the counter to the ceiling. It is just a little overwhelming. Luckily we have a double sink and vanity so it does work. Great job!


  24. hi.... I'm wondering if you put the molding right on top of the mirror at the edge?? wouldn't there be at least a 1/4" gap or something between the wood and the wall on the sides where you'd see the mirror?? just trying to figure it out before attempting to tackle it! :>

  25. Mirrors are a simple and inexpensive way to change the look of home or office. Bathroom mirrors can incorporate stylistic elements to enhance bathroom, but most often these mirrors serve a functional role. Be sure style doesn't eclipse function. Good thanks for sharing

  26. Question: I'm interested in doing this project but there's one thing I need to figure out. How do you work around the small clear plastic brackets around the perimeter of the mirror holding it to the wall?

  27. In answer to this question about the plastic clips--I actually didn't have any--so it wasn't an issue for my mirror. I have seen some people remove them and glue the mirror to the wall using liquid nails--or try and rout out a notch out of the back of the molding to accomodate the clip. Good luck!

  28. I not only love your ideas, I love your humor.

  29. I know this is an older post, but I just found your blog through Pinterest. You have a great gift and the best part is that you are so good at making beautiful things out of very little! Congratulations! I'm so impressed. I have a mirror, or two or three that we are going to try this on.

    Thanks for sharing your talent.

  30. I just completed this project for my powder room, and we actually built the whole frame first. We sanded, primed, fit the pieces together, nailed them in place, then caulked, painted and hung the whole thing once it was completed. It worked great because we already knew it would fit together before it went onto the mirror. It's a great, inexpensive fix!! Love it.

  31. this is awesome. the tips are really helpful

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  33. It looks great! I have this same mirror in my bathrooms and have wanted to remove them. This is a great idea and My hubby would much rather me do a smaller project like this than a big one like removing them. Thanks for the idea and for all the info.

  34. To make it even easier, take the PRECISE measurements to HD (no plug intended) and they'll cut the molding exactly. We made a headboard and are tickled PINK at the finished product! Thank God for the little man in the back of the store as we didn't own nor want to purchase a saw (or the 100 replacement pieces it would have taken us) to get it right...

  35. so simple and yet it makes such a stellar difference. Thanks for sharing! will definitely be trying this next week.

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  37. This looks great! I have been working on my bathroom makeover for a while and thw mirror is next. Funnily oir batjrooms look almost identical. I am planning on painting our cabinets and thee mirror frame dark thou dh. Walls are also a similar blue.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Your detailed photos were amusing; it reminded me that little by little we can create something beautiful. I know how it is to be working with messy little tots around, but you came out triumphant! You did it in flying colors, LITERALLY. I’m proud of you, BEST MOM!
    Christin Rexrode

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Wonderful job! I just love the paint color...it's such a nice blue. Would you please tell me what make and color it is?

  42. I love how it looks, what a great idea!

  43. I like the design of your frame . Very realistic , how I wish I can have that for my mirror tv screen . I am being addicted to the mirrors !

  44. you are THE best! FOund this on pinterest and now I must read more!!!
    your hard work is much appreciated and admired!!!!

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  46. It looks great. I tried to do this a while back. But when I placed the trimmings I could see their back reflected on the mirror. I didn't know how to fix it so now the trimmings are resting in a corner in my garage. Did you have this problem? How did you fixed it? Thanks

  47. Lovely Project with loving words ""Then once we were FINALLY satisfied--I go to paint the whole thing with SEVERAL coats of white paint (because of all the sanding and such--a little touch up paint was just not going to do it)""

    I Loved This

  48. This looks really awesome!! Thanks for sharing. My wife love to decorate house. We recently rebuild bathrooms of our house. I found great collection of framed mirrors http://www.kingdavidgallery.com.

  49. WOW !! This is what I love. Framing bathroom mirror is best way to design the bathroom. But some important information buying framing mirrors can help to choose your perfect mirrors.

  50. I've been thinking of doing this exact thing to my bathroom mirror for years (maybe I saw this post 6 years ago? Ha!) Anyway, do you have any suggestions for how to avoid the extra work y'all encountered in the end??

  51. Beautiful blog all information about the mirror in this blog.

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  52. This is great. Were dping this now. I/we well actually my husband added baking soda to the paint. It went on really easy. Our mirror has a bevel. I saw someone on Hometalk used command strips. We tried it. That was a bust. We ended up painting both sides of the molding (it is a mirror after all!) and used clear silicone. It came out beautiful.

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  54. Hi looks great! How far out are the frames sticking out of the edge of the mirror?? 1" or 1/2" ok??


Thank you for your comments!

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