Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Painted End Table

It has taken me much longer than I thought to get this project done and up on my computer--but I am happy to say that I am finished!!  My second laminate painting project is complete!

Here is the little end table as it has sat for almost a year.  My dear mother bought if for me at a thrift store for my birthday LAST YEAR.  She wanted to buy me an expensive nicely finished end table that cost a million dollars.  But I wanted this beauty that cost just $9. 

I knew I could make it beautiful.  But for a year it has looked mismatched and out of place.

And it was really not very functional either as it spent most of the year as a big open space underneath.  My hubby just made the little shelf for it right before I took these pictures.

So first I took it all apart.

Then I primed and painted it just like I did HERE--and apparently I didn't take any pictures of me doing any of those things.

Once it was painted I let it cure for a LONG TIME.  Since I used latex paint--it stays tacky for a couple weeks even after it has dried.  I wanted to make sure that it didn't get scratched so I left it in our closet for a couple of weeks to let it cure.

Meanwhile I wanted to make sure that the basket that I use on the top shelf wouldn't continually scratch it as well.  I got this basket at the same time I got the table--at the thrift store for $1.29!!!!  And it fits on the shelf so perfectly!!!

But the bottom could definately scratch up my newly painted surface:

So I took some felt that I had on hand and hot glued it to the bottom of the basket. (I didn't have one big sheet so I just pieces several pieces together--no one can tell).

Then I put the whole thing back together and back in its place.


And with the new paint and shelf it is not only cute it is also functional!

And I think it fits in the space SO MUCH BETTER!!!

You be the judge.


Sorry it took me a year to do the makeover Mom! 

It really is just what I wanted!


  1. I love how this came out!! It looks awesome, the first time I saw it I relly thought you had gotten something new. Great job.

  2. Looks lovely! I agree- the darker paint gives it a more seamless look, and it really pulls together well with the tan couches. Nice work!

  3. I agree! The darker paint on the table looks terrific with your couches and with the dark storage ottoman. I've kept up with your blog for a while now -I completely forget how I found it, but I'm finally leaving a comment :)


Thank you for your comments!

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