Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My $25 Piano

I’m taking a little brake from curtain week today to tell you about an AMAZING DEAL I got a few months ago!  (This one is for you Tracy!!)

Until recently I have never owned a real piano.  For the last 12 years I have had this beautiful little electric piano (and just pretend you don’t see my new piano in the background).


Now this little electric piano has been SO WONDERFUL over the past 12 years.  It was more than just a keyboard—it really was like a mini piano—but it was light weight and easy to move around when we were moving from place to place and had lots of cool features.  I LOVED this thing.  I even made this little cover for it so it wouldn’t get dusty.


But as my family is getting older and we aren’t planning on moving houses again, And our piano teacher was telling us that we really needed something with weighted keys—we decided it was time to look for a real piano.

After weeks of searching on craigslist I found this piano listed for $150!!!


After looking on line forever—I knew this was a good deal.  So we marched on over and bought it.

After it sat in our home for a few weeks we had it tuned and the tuner guy couldn’t believe how much I bought it for!  He told me it would have been a great deal if I had got it for double the price.  But at that price, it was a steal!

And then to make me even happier—I put my little electric piano on craigslist and sold it for $125!!!

So—that means that in the end I spent $25 on this little beauty!


And now with my own piano, I feel all grown up.


  1. I figured there had to be a story to go along with your new piano! That's a great deal

  2. Allright, I'm putting you in charge of finding a piano for us! (joking... well, sort of!) :-) What a steal. You're so super awesome at finding deals. I'm just... not. We've been looking for a piano too but I'm pretty sure our story won't turn out as well as yours.

  3. Hey
    My $25 Piano
    Your broadcast through this post provided brilliant clear concept. My best regards to you.

  4. Great buy! That piano looks very similar to mine that I g was given to from my mom. Her dad bought it new when she was 8 years old in 1948. Mine is a Cable Nelson, is yours? I take such good care of this and my mother always did, too!

  5. What a fantastic buy!

    I'm new here and I just LOVE the hat you are wearing on your blog header. I would really appreciate knowing where you got it/if you made it :).

  6. Please continue this blog......I love the projects on this! They do not come out cheap and trashy looking like some of the other DIY projects on the web. (Sorry a little blunt but its the truth) I have spent over an hour reading the posts and you have some amazing ideas!!

  7. Oh that is wonderful! I so long to have a piano once again. I'll have to pray about it and look for one I think.

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