Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Spray Painted Goodness

I have SO many projects lined up to show everybody—But finding the time to POST them all with 4 kids home for summer vacation has been challenging. 

Anyhoo.  Here is a little project I completed a while ago on the exterior of our house.  See these BEAUTIFUL exterior lights and house numbers before I got my hands on them: (Ok—in this picture I had already started getting my hands on the house numbers and then remembered I needed to snap a before picture—so the “2” has already been disassembled and ready for its makeover.  But you get the picture):



My favorite part of this makeover was changing out these lights:


WHAT color are these lights anyways?  PINK?  Salmon?  UGLY?


And here are those ugly brass house numbers chillaxing on a pizza box ready for their spa treatment:


And the pampering begins. 

(I chose to treat them to a coat of Rustoleum Black in Gloss).


And the results just speak for themselves.  Don’t they look like they FEEL better? 



And one final before and after:

IMG_1451_crop   IMG_1662

I know I didn’t show you a picture of the whole house so you can step back and really bask in all of the spray painted glory of it all.  But we have been working a lot on the landscaping and soon will have the exterior of the house painted.  So I want to save those changes for the final before/after.  

But for now—you and  I can sleep easier knowing that I don’t have pink lights anymore.


  1. *oh phew!* I've been worried and I know that I can sleep a load better... except for basking in spray paint... toxic fumes and all. Maybe that's why you're so silly. :)

  2. I am also a fan of spray paint, greatest invention EVER!!! We just repainted our interior walls a med gray. So to freshen up the 90’s look of all the brass frames, I decided to spray paint them black. Looks sharp with gray walls and thick, white woodwork. So then I sit….and look around…and everything I can get my hands on has been getting spray painted!!! My husband thinks I’m nuts. So, while on Pinterest, I see a post about re-upholstering those old, 90’s gliders and got to thinking, “can I spray paint the ugly printed fabric instead of covering them?”, b/c I hate sewing.
    So, my question to you is, being this would be an indoor chair, will the spray paint work on it? will the paint crack over time, due to people sitting on it???


Thank you for your comments!

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