Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kids Bathroom Makeover—Installing Board and Batten

A couple of weeks ago I gave you this sneak peek at our kids bathroom makeover.  And I think a few people were wondering at my interesting choice of color for the walls as it looks a little like pea soup.


But there was a reason I chose this particular shade of green.  And that reason would be this FABULOUS shower curtain I found at the CSN store:


Don’t you love it?  I looked for a shower curtain high and low and everywhere in between!  I was beginning to think that the perfect shower curtain just didn’t exist.  And then I found this baby.  (And just as a side note—it was $21.99 but it came with a small flaw in the fabric and so I called them and they knocked $10 off the price—so I only paid $11.99 for my PERFECT shower curtain!!—and you can’t even see the flaw—can you?)

Then we decided to add some fun and interest to the walls of the bathroom.  I had found these instructions from one of my favorite blogs (320 Sycamore) for an inexpensive way to do board and batten and knew this would be perfect for this room.

So we purchased a bundle of inexpensive Lath pieces from Home Depot.  My hubby sanded them down and we installed them about 10” apart. 


Even I wielded my little pink hammer for this project.  And oh how we wished we had a nail gun.  But even still, installing the pieces was quick and easy.


Next we added a 1 x 4 piece of primed MDF for the top.


Then my hubby filled all the holes and sanded them all down.

Next it was up to me to caulk all the edges and paint it up.  This was the time consuming part.  But I think it turned out awesome!




Next we added some handy little towel hooks and put up my FAVORITE bathroom art: pictures of MY BABIES.




Its not 100% finished yet.  We still need to paint the trim around the door (and I would like to paint the vanity cupboards eventually as well) and we are going to be framing up the mirror as well.  Oh yah, and I also think I might want to paint those picture frames.

But for now—I think we can call this bathroom improved.




And now we can check another room off our list!


  1. I love that fun shower curtain!! The after looks great! Way to go

  2. Oh, this is such a great makeover! You did a wonderful job. We did board & batten in our loft & I have LOVED it! What an adorable bathroom!

    Ps--I'm following you now!

  3. I like it! Starr

  4. Your bathroom has gone through an amazing transformation! I love the new board and batten, and the green wall color is beautiful. I'm a new follower!

  5. Found you! You're it!!
    I looked on Jen's list and scrolled down until I found your blog. And wa-lah!
    I'm adding you now! are super talented!

  6. Great job! I like the idea of using lath pieces to save money. This is exactly what I plan to do in one of my bathrooms.

  7. It looks awesome! I love the green color and I'm super jealous of the board and batten. I keep thinking that I'm going to do this in my mudroom, but I'm so nervous about starting it! I'm following you now.

  8. So cute. Question - how did you go behind the toilet? I want this in my bathroom with a similar floor plan but hubs is nerv about going behind the stool.

  9. Wow it looks great!

    I would love if you would share at Blog Stalking Thursday!

  10. WOW! This is amazing!!! Great job.

  11. Those walls look amazing! I love it! Talk about a thrifty upgrade!! I'm new to your site, but will be following it from now on. :)

  12. This is exactly what I've been looking for! I have the same exact shower curtain except with the brown background, and my bathroom is the same layout! I've been wondering what to do with the walls to give it a makeover, this is perfect!! I'm so glad I found your blog!!

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