Friday, September 16, 2011

Candyland Cake

As I mentioned yesterday, we have 2 summer birthdays.  Well, the second one is my daughter Nicole’s B-day. 


She turned 9 this year.

She also happens to be in love with anything made of SUGAR.  She LOVES candy, licorice, suckers, marshmallows, and anything and everything that is sweet!  But her absolute favorite thing is GUM.  I really think she is a relative of Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  She LOVES gum and can’t get enough of it.

So this year I thought it would only be fitting to make her birthday cake full of her favorite things—LOTS OF CANDY.  So I decided to make a CANDYLAND CAKE.

My friend dropped by and took a picture of me in my kitchen of chaos!  (Apparently I am a messy baker!)


But all my messy kitchen was worth it as this is what I came up with:





I think it turned out great--and she LOVED it!



It was a very SWEET birthday for a very SWEET little girl!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog yesterday by following a link from Pinterest about... I don't even remember what now. I've been looking at so many of your blog posts I can't remember which one I linked to! I love your blog, and you definitely have a new follower. I just moved into a new house three weeks ago and I've been trying so hard to improve the way it looks, and I've already decided that I am going to use a ton of your ideas for making this place feel more like home! I, too, am a spray paint junkie. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to stumble upon more of your ideas. :)

  2. I saw something you made on Pinterest & it linked to your blog! I'm so excited to follow you & your brilliant ideas! :oDDD

  3. Love your blog! I have been wanting to make a candyland cake for a while now and I loved looking at your pictures of your cake. Great job! I'm always looking for new and creative things to try.

  4. I too suffer from messy kitchen syndrome! I'm not sure why I cannot cook without a mess. We are having a Candyland birthday party for our 6 year next month and I want to make this cake. Looks like it was based on the one from Family Fun. I was wondering did you do any crafts or play any games to keep the kids active? We usually do stuff, but I'm not sure what to do with this theme beyond candy.

  5. Thanks Aimee for all your great comments and for visiting my blog! The candyland cake idea I got from google searching and looking at tons of different candy land cakes--there are a lot to get inspired by out there! Then I just came up with an arrangement that I liked and that I could do based on the candy that I could find. But you might be able to find other ideas if you do a google search. Its pretty fun to see all the different cakes out there!

    As far as birthday party ideas--one of my favorite party games that I often do at birthday parties--find a bunch of printable characters that go with your theme--so for you, you could get king candy, grandma nut, Lord Licorice, etc. Then I let the kids each choose one and color the pages. Next we take the pictures and tape them to the back of some chairs that have been placed in a circle. Next you play musical chairs--but instead of pulling a chair out each time--you have a jar full of the names of the characters on the chairs--and you pull a name when the music stops and everyone has found a chair (not necessarily the one that they colored) and then whoever is sitting in that chair gets a little prize! We usually play the game until everyone has won. It is a really fun take on musical chairs and it goes over much better with the little ones who don't like to loose.

    You could also make a pinata and fill it with more candy. Here are instructions for making your own: I did this for a TOY STORY birthday--but you could easily put on a candyland character instead.

    Hope these Ideas help! Good luck! I would love to see the pictures of what you come up with!

    :O) Sharon

  6. I can only say your site is awesome

    I will bookmark it and come back again and again
    Thanks for sharing


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