Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lamp Redo AGAIN

Remember my other posts about my little lamp redo's?
Remember this ugly thing?
Remember how I turned it into this?
Remember How I still hated that lamp even after it was finished?
I hated how it looked so stubby compared to the other one.
Well, I told you that I extended its life for a little longer. And I was right--approximately 2 weeks longer. Until I found this little beauty at the Good Will.
So here it is with MY shade on it.
I may decide to paint it sometime to match mine better--but for now I am happy!
My Shade looked so good--I decide he could keep it--and I took his old shade and put it on my lamp.

Now I am SO HAPPY!!

I think it looks so much more balanced and even though they are not exactly the same lamp--they look like a cute little pair of his and her lamps.

AAAHHH!!! Much better!

Now I just have to finish the project that will deal with that big space above my headboard!

Hopefully I will post that soon!

(Oh--and did you notice my coasters from THIS project? I really do Love them!)

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