Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 People, 2 Days, 2 Story House Make Over

My Wonderful Inlaws live in an older 2 story home that was in need of a new coat of paint.  So my hubby volunteered our services to help them out (as they are physically unable to do the job themselves).

So we loaded up the kids this last weekend and drove the 5 hours down south to their house for a fun filled PAINTING WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA!

Now--you will have to excuse the lack of BEFORE pictures--as once we got there and realized the job ahead of us--we got IN THE ZONE pretty darn quick--which meant paint brushes, spray guns, and rollers were in hand and NOT my camera!

But here is the only before shots I got (and actually there is new color around the garage doors--I told you we got in the zone--I'm lucky to have gotten these shots):

As you can see--it was BROWN.  Brown, Brown, Brown--Which just so happens to be his parents favorite color. 

So we encouraged them to change it up a bit for fun and for re-sale value.  We suggested a nice tan color with brown trim.  His parents experimented with a few different tans--and finally settled on one (with a little more peach in it than I had expected--but I still think it turned out nice).  And so they bought all the paint and on Friday morning--my hubby and I became painters.

We taped, and sprayed, and rolled and brushed, and sprayed and painted and brushed some more.  It was THE HARDEST JOB I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!   The siding was old and so it didn't except paint super well--and it was VERTICAL siding which had an inch gap between all of the planks which made it IMPOSSIBLE to paint all of the surface edges inside that one inch gap!!  We had a lot of dripping and frustration do to that DARN VERTICAL SIDING!!!

Anyways--we worked like DOGS for 2 days straight in the million degree weather, dripping our blood, sweat and tears into this house (a little much?  Maybe--but we did work our butts off I tell you!)--and this is what we have to show for it:

Even the shed got a new look (My hubby's mom painted this--and we did the Trim)

In the end we even did some landscaping to give it some more curb appeal.

From an untrimmed Bush:

Trimmed into a fun looking tree:

So one last look.


After (minus the trimmed bush--I guess I took this picture before we trimmed it):

And now all that is left to do--is the trim work.  Eventually this house will have nice brown trim around all the windows and doors.

Yippee!!  It is DONE and it looks GREAT!!


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