Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Deal on Craigs List!

Ok--I am ABSOLUTELY GIDDY about the deal I just got on Craigs List yesterday!!!

So for starters let me tell you that my Hubba Hubba Hubby and I have been married for just over 14 years and the only furniture we have is our original college days furniture--which is this lovely Futon and Love Seat:

They have served us well over the years--but we have longed for a proper couch.

But we have had many business related expenses (the fun life of the self employed) and so all other expenditures such as a bigger house, or fun new furniture--have been left on the back burner...UNTIL YESTERDAY.

I found a Micro Fiber Couch AND Love seat on Craigs List for $120!!!!  Can you believe it?  BOTH THE COUCH AND THE LOVE SEAT FOR ONLY $120!!!

I immediately called on it--only to find that it was STILL AVAILABLE--but a couple other people were coming to look at it in 45 mins!! 

I threw the phone down--ran the baby monitor over to my neighbor (for my little napper), through the other kids in the car, sped the whole way into town (20 min drive), stopped at the bank and got the cash, and drove like a mad woman to her house and BEAT OUT THE OTHER PEOPLE and got the couch!!!

I'm sorry--please don't think less of me that I kind of cheated and budged the line.  But I know that when you are dealing with craigs list it always is FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.  And I DID get there first! 

And after some minor repairs (which I forgot to take pictures of--because I was SO EXCITED and in the ZONE), and with help from my AWESOME neighbors by transporting them and then helping to scrub them both down (Thank You Kim and Jared!)--we are now the proud owners of these beauties:

I Love them from EVERY ANGLE!

AND the best part is that I think I can sell my futon and love seat for MORE than I bought these guys for!!! 




  1. Oh I love them Sharon!!! I love Craigslist and I've done the same thing. I said give me 10 minutes and I'll be there to get them. lol They look gorgeous :)

  2. They're so beautiful! I'm so excited for you. Well done for racing there, you deserved them!

  3. Wow, Sharon, I am so happy for you, and I can't wait to see them!! I will miss your love seat, though as I loved that piece. NOW it is time that you got your birthday end table done so that it completes this new room with the new couches and the rimpy stool recovered!!! I can
    only imagine how excited you are; and I want you to know that you deserve it all! Love, mom

  4. I'm jealous, I want microfiber couches. I can't believe you still have that futon--and it still looks great, too.

  5. YAY! I seriously love them, what an amazing deal!

  6. Those couches are great! And such a good deal! I recently bought something for the first time on Craigslist. I got an awesome old fashioned (but in good condition) office chair for $10. The shape is great; I may re-upholster it. Anyway, I totally agree...love Craigslist!!!


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