Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am the middle child of THREE girls. 
(And here are a few pictures of us through the years--don't laugh at the hair-do's)

 Which means that growing up I had an older and a younger sister to play with, and to fight with.  Now that we are all older--we ONLY play and NEVER fight!  And I count myself lucky to have these two sisters to laugh with and cry with and to love.  I REALLY LOVE these 2 girls.  Both are very different from each other--but both are extremely special to me and I would be lost without them!  I am SO blessed to have them in my life.  I just wish they both lived closer (DARN IT!!)

So--I wanted to show you HOW cute and talented my sisters are!  My younger sister, MICHELLE, has her own blog that you simply MUST check out!  ESPECIALLY THIS POST!  She is such an amazing gal--I just don't have enough words to describe how awesome she is!  Doesn't she have the best sense of style EVER?!!  I dream to be as cute as her!
My older sister, Lisa, is also suepr awesome--but I don't have any links to give you at the moment to show how great she is.  Hopefully someday she will have a book published of all of the awesome short stories she writes--and then everyone will see her amazing talent for writing.  She is an amazing person with a good heart and I love her!  She is recovering from surgery right now--and my thoughts and prayers are with her as she recoups.

I really only had a minute to write this little post in my crazy busy day today.  I could have written pages!  But for now its just a little note to say...


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