Friday, August 6, 2010

Spray Paint Saves Oak Frame From Sudden Death

Have I mentioned that I am in LOVE with my new couches?  Well if I haven't--just know that I LOVE THEM!

The ONLY thing is that they kind of blend in to my walls.  I had painted my walls several years ago a nice light tan color--and the couches are ALSO a nice light tan color.

Exhibit A:
(Sorry the picture doesn't show much of the wall--I was focusing on my NEW COUCHES!!)

So I am in the throws of deciding if I should paint the wall behind the couch a contrasting color.  (If my hubby has anything to say about it--it will stay the same color.  If I have my way--it will be painted.  It will take a MEAN battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who is victorious over this one!)

Meanwhile I knew that the oak picture frame holding a BEAUTIFUL picture my dad took--had to go.  It used to match the wood of our futon--but now it just looks out of place.  (Yah--and I know the 80's torch lamp looks REALLY out of place--but we'll deal with that another day!)

So I had planned to take the picture out of the frame and spray paint it up.  But I took it off the wall and found this:

I had forgotten that my WONDERFUL mother had had this picture PROFESSIONALLY framed for me.  So I was not about to tear into it just to spray paint the frame.

So I did the next best thing and covered the glass with newspaper and tape.

And THEN I spray painted it.  The same paint that I had left over from re-doing my Grandpa's Footstool.

I am SO PLEASED with how it turned out.  I really think it compliments the picture SO MUCH BETTER.

  And it really POPS against the wall and the couches...Don't ya think?



AND it matches our ottoman and NOW my Grandpa's Footstool!

Another point on the big score board for SPRAY PAINT.


  1. Aww man just after I gave away my ugly oak frames. I will remember this for next time.

  2. and you made matching pillows to match Grandpa's Footstool! Great matching!

  3. Sharon I love the freshly painted frame now! You are so right, it really pops out :) Great job! Now you don't have to have that mean fight of paper scissor rocks ;)

  4. I love it. I have really underestimated the power of spray paint.

  5. Cool frame! Great job! A very beautiful arrangement now!

  6. Wow, that really does make a huge difference!! (And I'm wondering why yours was professionally finished and mine is stuck on with duct tape??? Who's the favorite NOW?!) Looks great!

  7. I am loving your couches too! What difference they make, and the microfiber is such a great fabric! I think that wall could use some color. What about doing a stencil on the wall in a color rather than painting the wall? Like the popular quatrefoil stencil? I saw your link from Just a Girl blog. Love your blog.

  8. Spray paint is the most amazing thing EVER!!! Love, love, love it! Your frame looks great. It fits in really well with your ottoman and other decor. Quick question -- did you spray paint the top of the torch lamp next to the frame too?

  9. YES I have four oak frames that are nice quality. I am so doing this.


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