Monday, August 2, 2010

Some of My Best Deals Ever

So I have been LOVING my AWESOME NEW COUCHES that I got on Craigslist the other day!  Remember the screaming good deal I got?  $120 for both?! 

Well--it made me reflect on a few of the other good deals I have gotten over the years.  So I thought I would show you JUST A FEW of my favorites (the ones I can locate pictures of right now!) 

Last winter our cheapy old glass patio table was MURDERED in a wind storm (boy was THAT a mess!!  Glass EVERY WHERE!!  Who knew that a little 4 person glass table could shatter into a gajillion pieces like that?) 

Anyhoo so that put us in the market for a new one.  I was looking for just a table--when I found this BEAUTIFUL set on CRAIGSLIST for $200!!  Most of the tables alone were $50-$75 and this whole set was only $200!! 

 We LOVE it!!  Our family of 6 can finally all sit around the table together!! 

This next one is a small little deal--but I am SO THANKFUL for it everytime I do any baking.  I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and had always wanted an extra bowl so that I could have two to rotate when I am making lots of stuff--so lazy old me doesn't have to wash it immediately or move the batter into a different bowl while I am mixing something else.  

So I was thinking about spending the $45 bucks on a new bowl when I found these at a GARAGE SALE  for $3!!
Not just a bowl but all the attachments too for only $3!!!!   I love them!  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have 2 sets when you are baking!!!

But my ALL TIME FAVORITE deal I have ever gotten is this SWING SET:

I bought this swing set on E-bay for $2.99!!  No Jokes People! 
Two Dollars and Ninety Nine Cents!!!

I just happened upon it and we just happened to live close to the guy selling it and no one bid against me! 
It was an older swing set--and we stained it and fixed it up a smidge here and there--but for $2.99 it is one of my sweetest deals EVER!! 

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE GOOD DEALS?!! 
Well I do!


  1. That swing set is a fantastic deal!

    And I would love to have a second set of stuff for my kitchenaid. It would be so helpful!

  2. I have always wanted a second Kitchenaid bowl, I'm so jelous you found one for so cheap!

  3. I never even thought of another bowl for the Kitchenaid, but I'm pretty sure I can never be content with just one again.
    I LOVE good deals, too! It makes me like the stuff so much more!

  4. Lucky you. $2.99 for a swing set, you are really digger.


Thank you for your comments!

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