Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Super Purdy Project

So a few weeks ago--I was contacted and asked if I would like to test and review a Purdy Paintbrush Kit!!!! 

As I am still pretty new to blogland--I questioned how I could have been chosen for this great honor.  And in fact--I emailed the gal back a couple times making sure that I had the facts straight--that she was from a legitimate company--and they wanted to SEND ME A FREE PRODUCT--and I got to use it and then blog about it?  (I am not SO NEW to blogland that I hadn't seen other blogs about just this very thing--but little old me?) 

All I could say was YESSIREE!!!  SEND ME FREE STUFF!!!

So I waited--half thinking that it really was just a joke--UNTIL THIS Purdy little thing arrived in the mail!

And I knew JUST what to do with it. 

I have a front porch.  And it is a cute little porch--except that it has fallen into disrepair (bad owners!).  I have been putting off painting if for SEVERAL years now.  So it looked like this:

and this:

I know--seeing it now on the computer screen--I am so ashamed of myself!  How could I have let it get THAT BAD?  Well--obviously it could no longer be ignored.  Something had to be done.

So here is the part where I tell you about how I painted my poor little porch with my AWESOME NEW PAINT BRUSH! 

Oh wait--First I had to open the paint can.  And this was NO SMALL CHORE mind you.  This can had been in our garage--also for SEVERAL YEARS--waiting for me to get my rear in gear going on this project.  So it was like CEMENTED shut.  Tight like a trap.  You get the idea.

So this handy little 6 in 1 tool was SUPER awesome to have.  Usually I have to hijack one of my hubby's screwdrivers and mutilate the lid of the can--usually so badly that it can never be closed normally again--just to get it to open.  This guy did the job without so much as marring the lid.

Next I laid out all my paint stuff on a garbage bag. 

I always do this so that I can easily pull and scoot around the bag with the paint tray and all my tools and not get paint everywhere.

Then I also laid out all my spill and splatter catchers. 

You may use drop cloths--I use old towels and LOVE using them.  I have never spent the bucks for an actual drop cloth--but have often used the big rolls of plastic (which I hate by the way).  The towels work SO GREAT because they are easy to move around--they don't fly up in the breeze and get stuck to whatever you are painting--and they are ABSORBENT!!!  So if you do happen to dribble on them they just absorb it--and it is no big deal.  ALSO if you happen to get paint on something that you didn't want to get paint on--you can use the corner of the towel and wipe it up real quick before it dries.  JUST DON"T MAKE A BIG SPILL--because it probably would soak thru.

Ok--enough about the towels.

On to the main event:

 The Paint Brush (which I forgot to take a picture of before painting).  Dun da da daaa:
Ok--so in ALL HONESTY--this paint brush is REALLY AWESOME.  I have never used a quality paint brush before.  I have ALWAYS bought the cheapiest ones possible--because that is just how I roll--CHEAP!  But I must confess that I have always had a Love/Hate relationship with them.  I love the price--but HATE the way that they leave really obvious brush strokes--and even worse--THEY LEAVE THEIR STRAY BRISTLES ON MY PROJECTS!!!!  I still have a couple bristle hairs stuck to THIS and THIS and THIS.  It makes me crazy!!!

So this brush really, honestly was AWESOME to work with.  (And I am not just saying that because the company gave me free stuff!)  I was able to get a nice clean edge on my boards without taping off the whole bottom of the porch--and it is BRISTLE FREE!!!  Exhibit A:

 (And YES--we need to sand and refinish the floor boards next--ONE THING AT A TIME!!)

I still preferred a small roller to do all the roundy parts of the banisters (which--I think whoever invented the roundy banister should be shot--talk about difficult to paint in every nook and cranny!)  But I used the paint brush on a lot of the straight edges.

And even though painting this puppy took two coats and a ton of time (actual painting time and time waiting for a sunny day here in the Northwest) it definitely went better by using a quality paint brush.

So here are some afters of my FRESH WHITE porch:

Now to tackle the floor boards...or maybe that can wait till next spring.


  1. Wow, it looks so great! Even brand new! And congrats on being offered this review. That's when you know you are big time!

    So, we do not have a porch, but we have a couple of steps with rails to our front door. It is all cracked and chipped, so I definitely need to do something about it. It is also dirty from rain splattering mud onto the lower portion. I'm assuming you had to wash yours first...? Did you just use a water hose or did you wipe it down?


  2. Wow! That looks brand new now.
    I just found your blog through another blog! Have a great night.

    Amanda @

  3. What a nice job you did! The paint on our carport is badly peeling, and is on my to-do list, HOWEVER..... our weather has been unseasonably cold, so it may have to wait until next year. :(

    I found your blog at (on her blog roll), and I have to tell you, your blog is just AMAZING!! I've been poking around here for... well.... way longer than I should've been, since I've got a mountain of laundry and about a million half-finished projects! I will definitely be adding you to my daily read! Keep up the good work! :)



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