Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mirror, Mirror ON THE WALL!!

All of you will be SO HAPPY and RELIEVED to know that I finally finished the mirror above my bed!!

Remember the whole story about my MIRROR FIASCO?

It started here with my Thrift Store Find:

Then went to here where I broke the mirror and had my hubby hang the frame up anyway:

Well, My hubby and I finally did it!! We successfully cut another mirror--THIS TIME following all of the cardinal mirror cutting rules found HERE--and TA-DA....

Ok--These three pictures can just show you how REALLY BAD my camera phone is!! (The first 2 pictures are taken with my camera--the third with my phone).

(I really should wait to post all of these things when I have my camera back and can take a decent picture!!! But I AM NOT PATIENT ENOUGH!! So I will just have to retake all of these pictures again and redo all of these posts at a later date!)

But for now--you get the picture (ha, ha)!

And for me, I am just happy to put this mirror frame to Bed! (ha, ha, ha)!

(I know I am lame--but I crack myself up!)

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  1. And guess what else? I JUST sent your camera TODAY! :)


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