Monday, November 8, 2010

SAMM--Corn Chowder

Today for my SAMM link up--I am doing one of our LONG TIME FAMILY FAVORITES--Corn Chowder.  This chowder has been in our family for generations!  And has been our traditional Christmas Eve dinner for as long as I can remember.  It is one of those SUPER AWESOME HOME COOKED MEALS that just remind you about everything that is good and homey. 

 It is really easy to make--but for some reason I don't make it often enough.  I think it is because it was always made at special occasions growing up--that I don't think of it as an everyday meal.  But it is SOOO good that it should be!  And you HAVE to serve it with some warm--just out of the oven--dinner rolls.  DIVINE!

So with no further ado--Here it is:

Corn Chowder
6-8 Slices of Bacon
1 can corn
1can cream corn
1 small onion chopped
1/4 flour
2 c chicken broth
1 c water
2 c potatoes cubed
2 c celery
1 dash tobasco sauce
2 c milk
Fry bacon and crumble into pieces.  Also fry the onions, celery.  Then add the flour and toss with bacon, celery and onions.  Put milk in a big pot and add everything else (besides the bacon mixture).  Bring to a boil gradually.  Stir in bacon mixture and cook until the potatoes are done.  Serve with rolls.

Doesn't it look dreamy?

And because I am SO IN LOVE WITH MY NEW BACKSPASH--I just couldn't resist this next picture:

And yes I am cheating and using Rhodes rolls tonight.  I know--it is neither thrifty nor domestic.  But it is easy--and sometimes that wins over all.


  1. YUM!! We eat this all the time, but it is also what we make on halloween - although i add a few chopped carrots and we call it candy corn soup. You've got the white potatoes, the yellow corn and the orange carrots - Candy Corn! The kids love it and it's a quick easy meal that helps keep them warm while trick-or-treating. It's tradition!

  2. That looks yummy. I made cream of potato soup today. Will be posting it on my blog soon. Maybe we could do a soup swap. lol I love corn chowder & that was actually the game plan before I realized I had no corn in the house. (hanging head in shame)

  3. Hey rhodes are awsome and I say good enough for pioneer woman good enough for me right? ;)

  4. Yum! When I saw your post I almost cried because it brought back so many memories of eating corn chowder with grandma! I'm glad to see you've kept the tradition and shared such a great family recipe!

  5. Just tried out the recipie. It was awsome. My family loved it. I put it in the crock pot this morning and it was ready for dinner after all the piano lessons. Thank you for sharing.


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