Friday, November 12, 2010

It's a Love/Hate Thing

We live in the North West.  We love it here--most of the time.  We also LOVE the lot our house sits on--most of the time. 

In our front yard we have a large and beautiful tree that in the spring and summer blesses our yard with wonderful BEAUTY and SHADE.

 (I don't have the time to hunt for a great summer picture right now)--But this is the tree: 

And this is what the tree blesses us with in the FALL
(and it hasn't really even started to drop its leaves yet!):

This is what my across the street neighbor's yard looks like:

Nary a leave in sight!

And my next door neighbor: 
Only one or two.

We have a FEW MORE than that.

We also BACK to a BEAUTIFUL green belt. It is GORGEOUS and PRIVATE and WONDERFUL and we LOVE it--most of the time.  
During the spring and summer it is a private, lush and luxurious place to be.

But in the FALL and WINTER--not so much.
This is what we our yard looks like right now.  And My hubby just finished cleaning it to perfection just the other day.  What a difference a week can make!

And I know--I should have cleaned up all the scattered toys around the yard--but I'm just keeping it real people!

Because of our yard--we HAVE to take down our trampoline every year--otherwise it looks like this (and this picture is just after about a week of it being cleaned off--and at the beginning of the leaves falling!):

And because of all the shade--things tend to grow on places they shouldn't...Like this:

But who can REALLY complain when you have THIS for a back yard?

And this:

And my neighbors are missing out on this:

It really is a LOVE/HATE relationship. 

But mostly LOVE...I think.

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  1. A couple of our neighbors cut down their trees thinking that would take care of the raking each year but reality, here in our neighborhood, everyone else's leaves just get blown all over, so they still have to rake. But ...not as much as they used to.


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