Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Reason for my BRASSINESS

Since I posted about my AWESOME NEW KITCHEN BACK SPLASH--I have had a few comments about changing up the brass knobs on my cabinets.  My mom AND my sister even called me to ask me why I haven't done something about them yet.

So apparently I need to set the record strait.

SEVERAL MONTHS AGO I had the same brilliant idea.  I wanted to change those darn brass knobs.  But I was nervous about going full boar ahead on 20+  knobs!  So I decided to do a small scale test run on my BATHROOM knobs--which are identical but there are only 6 of them! 

Same orangey cabinets (as my kitchen):

Same Brassy Knobs:

So I decided to give them a new look with the same spray paint that I used on my door hinge project.

I gave them a good sanding to ruff up the surface so the paint would adhere better.

Then I gave them a few light coats.

Then I installed them.


I just think they are really GREY looking and that truly the brass ones looked better.

What do YOU think?

Now don't get me wrong.  I still DON'T love the brass.  And I am still not content with just leaving them.  I think I need to hunt for a lighter brushed nickel color--and then give it another try.



  1. Hey! I popped over from another blog for your backsplash project and just had to keep looking around! Amazing project. I would try an oil rubbed bronze finish. I think the orange needs something a little more earth-toned and the ORB would be fantastic with it, plus it's easy to spray paint the same way you did with your bathroom ones! I agree about the nickel though. I love the nickel finish for doorknobs, but they don't work with my cabinets either.

  2. I followed links from a niece-in-law's sister's blog and viola - here you are! Some terrific ideas. If I may be so bold, I look for some color in there - I would match the counter (and btw I too spray lots of stuff - have you seen the new paint for laminate counters? I haven't tried it yet but I so hate the pink counter top here - I kid you not). I too have had that orangey wood look , not to mention with pink counters! I painted away the orange. There is a product called Liquid Sander that will be your new best friend if you hate sanding. I wiped down each varnished surface and then painted it according to directions. It also removes the greasies on kitchen surfaces that may get nicked and need retouching. It seems to make the paint adhere getter to all surfaces. You do have to work in a well ventilated area. I hate the 'cheap wood'look on so many doors/trim etc. I just used the liquid sander and painted. The paint hasn't had problems and is scrub-able too. I've never taken photos but I suppose I could ... maybe ...

  3. I agree with Shandra...oil rubbed bronze finish is the way to go. Girl, after you tackled your entire backsplash...and it's gorgeous, by the way!...what's 20+ little knobs? For you...it's nothing! :)

  4. You should try Rustoleum's hammered spray paint, in a bronze color. Its great we did our 5 years ago and they still look great. Also you can use liquid sander, you just rub it on and wait 10 minutes then paint, its awesome.

  5. Ok, I know I usually agree with you on 99.9 % of things but I do think the painted ones look better! I guess it's just cause I think anything is better than brass. I do see where you are coming from and I do agree it's a bit grey but I don't think it's bad. I think it's a great idea to find a better color that you'll be happier with though. And what's this liquid sander I see??? I NEED to try that!

  6. I looked for a brushed nickel spray for my cabinet hinges. I got the Krylon that you got and another one (not sure what it was). I didn't care for either of them. Almost gave up, then I found another Krylon paint at Wal Mart. It's "Krylon Brushed Metallic" in Satin Nickel. It's a softer nickel color.....I love it. The can also has the easy touch, comfort control nozzle....a bonus!

  7. I'm going to go a little different here and suggest that you paint the handles white. It looks like your counter tops are white as well, and the "grout" in the backsplash is white. A high-gloss white (maybe with a dot of the nickel in the middle to mimic a screw) will look like ceramic. Could be a nice effect.

  8. I like the painted ones better. But thats only going by the photos and not REAL life :)

  9. Why not paint your cabinets? I painted my builder grade oak cabinets black in our master bath and then put on brushed nickel knobs..it turned out great and I love it!! BTW, I just discovered your blog today, good stuff!

    Colleen @http://cobabeinsuburbia.blogspot.com

  10. I don't think the new painted knobs are bad. But the important thing is that you like it. I actually recently bought cheap pulls for my kitchen cabinet and then I spray painted them Krylon's metallic silver -- I like mine, but my cabinets are a medium to dark brown color. Anyway, you might want to look into that because it looks more silver than gray. I've been really happy with mine. :)

    I just checked out your backsplash too! How neat! It definitely looks like real tiles. Such a great idea!



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