Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Perfect Pomegranate

I told you guys that I have been stock piling a lot of my projects and recipes that I want to share--I just need to get them from off my camera and into the computer!!! 

Sometimes that part--and the actual writing of the posts take longer than doing the project themselves!!


This is post is one that I have been wanting to share for a while--and since I have a half a second to myself--HERE IT GOES:

Peeling the Perfect Pomegranate.
(My great Sister in Law taught me this little trick this Christmas--Maybe most of you already know this trick--but if you don't--you are going to love me for telling you this!)

So if you are like me--you like the taste of a pomegranate--but can't stand all the work and mess that they require.  So I have avoided buying them at the grocery store--desipite the pleas of my children--who don't mind either the work or the mess!

So Here is what you do to avoid both--well mostly the mess part--you still have to get the little seeds out--but this way is much easier!

1.  Fill a big bowl full of water and set it in your sink.

2.  Put the pomegranate in the water and then cut it with a knife UNDER the water.

3.  Now continue to work with the knife and your fingers UNDER the water uncovering all the little seeds. 

4.  Let all the little white pieces of bitter disgustingness float to the top and the seeds will sink.

5.  Skim off the white stuff.

6.  Drain off the water and you are left with these beautiful little jewels.

This method is PURE GENIUS as all the splattering and squirting of juices happens UNDER THE WATER and not all over you or your kitchen!!!  GENIUS I tell you!

When I have all them all seeded, I like to use them to top off a spinach salad.  (The perfect side to a plate of yummy pot stickers)

I love them paired with feta cheese and this dressing:


So sorry that this post is kind or late in coming--I don't know if pomegranates are even in season anymore. 

But if you find any--now you know what to do with them!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Although I wonder, how do you get the seeds out? I was always told to just eat the whole thing.. a bit crunchy, but it works. :)


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