Thursday, January 13, 2011

Big Changes

So for Christmas this year--my Mom and Dad decided to give us what everyone really wants for Christmas--CASH to buy whatever our little hearts desire!

So I recently took this $ and went on a little shopping spree on  We needed new bedding for our Master Bedroom BADLY.  And I really mean BADLY

This is what we have been using for the last 6 years:

Then you might remember we added ourselves a little headboard for ONLY $1:

As much as I have LOVED the simple clean lines and bright fresh color or this bedding--It was just getting OLD.  It was actually my parents before it was ours--So I have no idea how old this thing really was.  But just let me tell you that it had STAINS and HOLES GALORE!!! 

AND as for our actual DUVET--we bought it about 10 years ago--and unfortunately we bought one that isn't sewn all the way around each square (BIG MISTAKE!!!)--so the down migrates all over the place!  So for 10 years we have had a VERY UNEVEN distribution of down throughout the duvet.  You have to stand on the bed and SHAKE and FLUFF all the down so that it will migrate back to where it is supposed to be--which most of the time is an impossible task--and so you are left with a whole bunch of stuffing in a few of the squares and the rest of the duvet is just the two pieces of material on top of each other!  Needless to say--we have hated it for 10 years. 

SO--during my little shopping spree I bought us these:

A No Migrating Down Alternative Duvet (in White):

And a Beautiful New Duvet Set (Including all the cute Pillows!) 

So now that I have new bedding--I have a whole new color scheme in our room.

So I get to paint the room--taking it from this green to something more neutral.  ANY PAINT COLOR SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!)

I get to redo These Lamps (again):

And these pictures:

And I haven't even started in the adjoining bathroom.

Its going to need a whole new makeover to match.

So wish me luck on this little re-decorating adventure!

I think I have my work cut out for me!

Oh and Thanks Mom!!  It's JUST what I wanted for Christmas!

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  1. You're making me stumble with your works, looking perfectly great! I love your choice of color, royal blue is such a soothing and cool color. Everything looks pretty ideal.


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