Friday, June 24, 2011

Spray Paint Helps the Family Room Along

OK, if you have read my blog before or know me at all, you know that I LOVE SPRAY PAINT!

And of course with a new house I have found a plethora of things that are crying out for a spray paint makeover.  Today I will show you a couple of the MANY I have already undertaken.

When we moved in the family room had this lovely white and gold ceiling fan:

Well--no--I didn't spray paint THAT ceiling fan.  Instead I found another fan at our local Re-Store for super cheap.  It was PERFECT except it had light wood fan blades (which I somehow forgot to get a picture of!  Darn it when that happens!)  They were almost the color of my table--UNTIL they got a shot of brown spray paint.

Much better!

The other thing in this room that was SCREAMING at me from the moment I saw it was this GOLD/BRASS TRIM on the FIREPLACE!  

I couldn't wait to spray those babies up!  

So that's just what I did. 

Those pieces come out super easy (especially when you have your hubby take them out for you).

And after a couple coats of this awesome stuff:

Bye bye brass!

Ahhh.  Much better.
(Except we obviously still have some work to do on this bad boy!  But still--what an improvement!)

I think those two little transformations really make a big impact on the room.  And I guess it also helped that we have changed just about everything else in the room as well!

BEFORE (with Previous Owners Furnishings):


And of course this is not a TRUE after picture yet--as the fireplace is still in a state of demolition and none of the base board trim had been painted white and put back on, and the mantel and windowsills still need a coat of white paint...but at this moment this is where the room stands and I am pretty darn happy with it! 

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