Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back Door Bliss

As promised in THIS other post when I did the trim of my FRONT DOOR--I am writing this post to show you the before and afters of my BACK DOOR spray painting trim project.

I just finished it and am SO HAPPY with the results!

I just wish I had done this YEARS earlier!

Here is the trim in its sun damaged YELLOWNESS before:

The hardest part of this project is the prep--taping and papering.
(And since that isn't hard at all--that tells you how EASY this project is!)

OK--are you ready?
This change is pretty dramatic and AWESOME!

(And yes, that is my little one on my lap in the reflection--this is how a lot of my projects are done--with my little ones right at my side! They are such big helpers...right?)



Now let me just say it again....I LOVE SPRAY PAINT!!!

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  1. Sharon that looks incredible! My Mom has a new to me sewing machine for me and it's not very pretty. My first thought on seeing it was "it's okay, Sharon will spray paint it for me" :0)

  2. Wow!! That's freaking awesome! Mine are yellowed and awful, I once thought about removing them completely...but painting seems much easier. What kind of paint did you use??

  3. Looks great!

    I gotta get me one of those grip things!

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow

  4. I am your newest follower and I too love spray paint ;)

  5. I'm so impressed...I have several of these doors! Now, I have another project in mind! Great job and thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Hi! I love what you did! The doors really do look new! I'm a new follower! come visit me too.

  7. fantastic idea!! i think we have the same back door--and now that you mention it--yes, it is quite yellow. :) i just might be following this wonderful example!

  8. I cannot believe I never thought of doing this, I live in a very old home and surely there's areas that could use this technique, I am going on a hunt for what I can fix, lol! Thanks for sharing, looks MUCH better!!!


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