Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

So--I just have to write this little post to explain why I haven't posted anything lately!

First--I went for a wonderful little getaway to my sister's--and had a WONDERFUL time! (I love that gal more than life itself!--You can meet her HERE at her blog).

Well--on the way to the airport I put my camera under the seat of her car while we went in to a store. And the brainiac that I am--forgot the darned thing when she dropped me off at the airport!

So now I have NO CAMERA!!

And what is worse--that I had lots of pictures on it that I was going to post and hadn't transferred to my computer yet!


Well, when I got home--I had a lot of projects that I wanted to do--and didn't want to wait for my sis to send me my camera--so my GENIUS husband suggests that I just use the camera on my phone!!! (That man is a genius I tell you!)


So I have been doing all my projects and documenting them all with my camera phone!

Then this morning I sat down to load them onto my computer and start posting about all of the awesome projects I have been doing...only to discover--I HAD LEFT MY CELL PHONE CORD IN MY CAMERA BAG!!!!

So now I can't even up load the pictures that I have on my phone!!


So note to my little sis: Hurry and send me my camera please!!

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