Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Oreo Pops

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything new.  I have been stock piling a whole bunch of projects and pictures and just haven't had the time to blog about any of them. 

So with no further ado--I bring you one of the fun projects my family and I did this year for our Friend and Teacher Gifts.

I fell in LOVE with THESE OREO POPS over at HOW DOES SHE... and have made several different kinds of them.  And decided that they would be fun to do for some simple Christmas Gifts. 

So we stuck a sucker stick in some melted almond bark and opened up the oreos and placed the stick between the two layers and then sandwiched them back together.

After letting the almond bark harden up so the stick is secure--we dipped them in different colors of melted almond bark and then started decorating.

**And just a side note--if you have never used almond bark--it is AWESOME!!!  That stuff can be melted and re-melted and re-re-melted and always comes out with a perfect consistency.  I have worked a lot with regular chocolate and it is SO TEMPERAMENTAL!!!  This stuff isn't as great a quality--but for jobs like this one--it is the PERFECT thing to use.  LOVE IT!!**

OK--back to the decorating.

These are just some of the ones we came up with:


More Sprinkles:

Some cute faces:

I drew Rudolph's face with an edible pen.

Then we cut up some floral foam and stuck it in the bottom of some cute containers and covered it with some fun paper stuff (what is that stuff called anyways?).  And then we arranged the pops in a little arrangement.

These are the ones we gave the kids teachers:

These are the ones we gave our friends and neighbours: 

You can see the wrapped ones in the background--since I forgot to take a picture of them all wrapped up!

I just fell in love with making these guys--and again--the possibilities for these are endless.  You may just see me making more of these for Valentines or Easter or Birthdays or ANYTIME!!!


  1. I LOVE the rudolph and snowman oreo pops! Soo adorable! They look really yummy too!

  2. Oh my goodness! Those rudolph and snowman ones are adorable!!


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