Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Not So Thrifty Confession

Ok--This post is to confess--to bare my soul to all of you.  I profess to be "thrifty" and for the most part, I really and truly am.  It's not too hard for me to be thrifty as I am a gal with pretty simple tastes. I am really not a connoisseur of anything. I like the cheapy knock off brand of root beer just as well as the expensive stuff in the fancy bottles. And this is true for just about any and all things that I own. And I would much rather buy something used and fix it up then get something new--if it meant I got a good deal on it.

So its true--I am thrifty...about 95% of the time.  But then there is the other 5%. 

There are times when the bargain basement knock-off will just not do.  Sometimes it does pay to spend the big buckaroos and get the great quality that often accompanies the GREAT BIG PRICE TAG.  (And just as a side note--most of the time my sister Michelle is the one that introduces me to the awesome big ticket items that I simply must have--my husband calls her my dealer.  So thanks Michelle!)

So I am going to share with you one of those 5% times that I just splurged BIG TIME--and have never regretted it for a second!

And to be completely honest--I STILL searched high and low--and found the BEST DEAL EVER on this little item.  The regular price was $240.  And I got it for $125 (which included shipping charges from Florida).  So even when I splurge--I still am not content until I get the BEST DEAL POSSIBLE!

What could possibly be so wonderful that made a frugal gal like me splurge so much?


Now at this point some of you must think I am off my rocker to spend so much on a hair styling tool.  I know--because that is EXACTLY what I thought when my sister told me her friend bought one!  What kind of idiot would spend THAT KIND OF MONEY on a hair styling tool you could buy at Walmart for $25?

But then my sister showed me what a professional straightener could DO to my hair--and I ordered one that same week!  I'm not kidding--they really are THAT good!  It not only straightens--but it curls, waves, and adds body to my hair.  And the best part is that it LASTS FOR DAYS!!  This is the thing that sold me on it--I have hair that won't hold a curl for 5 seconds let alone a whole day or more.  The curls and waves that I get with this baby last FOREVER!!!!  (That is if you can not wash your hair that long--I pretty much wash every other day--but the curls would last longer if I didn't wash them out!)

So here is a little demo of just ONE of the many different hair styles I can do with my GHD.  This one is my personal favorite.

Here I am with my hair just air dried out of the shower (and no make up on--don't know what I was thinking using this as my before picture):

Add a little of this:
(Another splurge:  Thermal Active Setting Spray that makes my hair SUPER SHINY--and helps hold the style extra long)

After a little work my hair is super wavy and has lots of body.

From the back:

And just to prove that it looks just as good the next day:

Day #2--I didn't even brush it or anything. 
This is just as it looks when I woke up in the morning.

The back:  Still looking good!

And I recently went a little blonder--thanks to the help of my sister Michelle!  So I'm adding a couple pictures with the new blonde tresses.

My GHD makes me and my hair very happy and I think it was worth every last penny I spent on it!

So there.  End of Confession.


  1. I have a pro straightener too, and I agree. It is well worth the money. I have the curliest hair ever, well, maybe not ever but its pretty curly. I bought mine about 5 years ago and it is still going strong. I think its a pretty safe investment.

  2. I love my GHD, I love your hair and I love you! This was so cute!!! Some things are just worth spending the money on. By the time you've replaced all your cheapy ones you might as well have bought the nice one to begin with right? Seriously, you look ADORABLE in these photos, I love you!

  3. Seriously, Michell is a bad influence, and not allowed to visit or be visited. But... You are a major hottie.


  4. Oh my goodness....I NEED this!!! I wonder if it's too late to add to my Christmas list. :|

  5. Do you think it would work out all of my curliness???? I would love to straighten my hair once in a while.

  6. I bought mine on ebay- so totally worth the dough. Love the blonde! Did you two do that at home or a salon?? I'm dying to go blonde!! --Krista

  7. LOL at Tim! You look great. A little splurge now and then is good for the woul, it reminds us of how frugal we are and makes us appreciate the bargains when we get them :) Right? RIGHT? OK, I'm just rationalizing a new bed here....

  8. I too just splurged on a pro flat iorn. Be sure you protect that hair (as you are with ther thermal spray) I LOVE mine so much better than the cheap brand I used for 3 years! Way to go! Good splurge!Oh try KMS "hair play"(green lid) it is spray shampoo that smells awesome and helps it last longer! I love it too!


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