Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SO Excited to do Laundry!!

So--The last couple months have been...well they have been difficult.  As I mentioned before, my father in law passed away on Nov 15th.  We also got into a 30 or so car pile up in a freaky snow storm coming home from his burial.  And also--by coincidence--my washing machine died the same day that he did. 

We surveyed the situation and did a little shopping and decided to buy a whole new matching set.  But the BUMMER of it all was that it couldn't be delivered until DECEMBER 15th!!!!!

That meant that we were a WHOLE MONTH without a working washing machine!!!! 

Have I ever mentioned that we have 4 CHILDREN?!!

But--with the help of NUMEROUS friends and also my Mom doing many loads of laundry for me (THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!)--we got thru the month.

And now we traded in these old babies:
(And yes--you will notice that my laundry room is also my garage--so don't mind all the extra cans of paint and other miscellaneous items in the picture. )

Old Knobs and Controls:

For THESE new Babies:
(They are LG Front Loaders from Home Depot)

They are HUGE capacity, Energy efficient, Sleek, Beautiful and MINE!

New Fancy Knobs, buttons and Digital LCD Screen:

AND a sweet little elf purchased us the Pedastal drawers that go underneath for our early Christmas gift!

The drawers are SO wonderful and ROOMY!!!  Since we don't have a linen closet in our little house--I have chosen to use the storage for the kids sheets.  And now I have SO MUCH MORE ROOM in the bathroom cupboards!!

AND I still have one whole drawer that I haven't even filled yet!

Even though the timing was AWFUL and I don't look forward to getting my credit card statement next month--I REALLY LOVE THEM!!  And doing my laundry has never been so much fun or made me quite so happy!

Merry Christmas to us.


  1. Ouch on a month without a washer and dryer!! But trust me, you're going to have a love affair with these new babies!! Hubby and I bought a front-loading Kenmore set last year on Black Friday, and I kid you not, I sat and watched the first load in action. It truly was a beautiful thing!

    Don't ya just love Santa?!? :o) Merry Christmas!

  2. Congratulations on your new additions! YAY! Just in time for Christmas.....ugh :( Kudos to you for keeping a patient mind during the hill climb that must be your laundry pile! Merry Christmas.

  3. Beautiful washer & dryer! Don't you just love brand, spankin' new things!
    Merry Christmas to you family!

  4. OH!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you guys is RIGHT! I LOVE THEM!!! I'm so happy for you! I can't imagine your pain of a month without anything! I think they were worth the wait, they're beautiful!

  5. Just wanted to come by and say thanks for your sweet comment. Also enjoy that new washer set, it looks amazing! Merry Christmas.


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