Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Drop of Gold

I am VERY PLEASED to announce that this is THE LAST GOLD LIGHT FIXTURE in my house to get a face lift!!

This is it! I no longer have ANY gold fixtures, or door knobs in my house!!!! (Ok--the pulls in my kitchen are sort of a brushed bronze--but NOT GOLD--so that doesn't count)

So here it is--Nothing fancy--just a plain old bathroom fixture turned awesome with some plain old spray paint!

(And sorry--I forgot to take a picture of it hanging in the bathroom!)
(Sorry for the bad picture quality--I am STILL having to use my cell phone camera!)

So I know that GOLD is one of the most precious and lovely things in the world--used for fine jewlery, olympic medals, solid gold dancers (hee hee), and a whole bunch of awesome stuff, but I hope that it is NOT a design trend that makes a comeback anytime soon!

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  1. Don't say STILL like it's my fault! It's on it's way! :)


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