Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bench Bliss

I have a tiny little porch on the front of my house.

A couple of years ago, our neighbors gave us this little bistro set when they were moving--and it has been sitting on our little front porch ever since. (Minus the cute new pillows that I just got at the garage sale--and forgot to take a picture of it without them! Oh and minus the pot on the table that just magically appeared (was dropped off by my friend who owns The Dollar Thrift Store--as she saw me eyeing it! What a sweetie!)

So it was cute--but just a little ho-humm. I had ALWAYS wanted a little bench to put there--but never wanted to spend big bucks and since this bisto set was free--well it was just staying like this!

UNTIL Saturday morning--I looked out the window and what did I see? My neighbor across the street was having a garage sale and had THIS little bench sitting outside!

I jumped up and down with glee, rudely hung up the phone with my sister (sorry again Michelle) and RAN across the street knocking down all the other garage salers to get to it.
And guess how much it was?
It was only $5!!!!!
I was dieing!!!!
It was EXACTLY what I had ALWAYS wanted!! And in my cheapy budget!!!
So I wasted no time and bought it--along with all of the awesome outdoor throw pillows that she had (that were only $2 each!!) I really love how the pillows give it that fun punch of color--and softness. They really cozy up the space!

So I got this bench and 5 pillows for $15!

I am in serious LOVE with this thing! I peek out at it several times a day--just to admire it!
I did have to put the bistro set away as we don't have enough room for both--but I did buy two extra pillows so someday when I eventually get a bigger house--I think the bistro set and the bench will make a cute little set (once I spray paint the bistro set black--that is)!

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