Saturday, June 19, 2010

You've Got Mail

Ok--I stole the title from my blog from one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time! (Don't you just love Meg Ryan? I mean BEFORE all her scary plastic surgery that has left her face looking...well...plastic?)

Anyhoo...Its not really that YOU have mail--its that I have mail...well sort of. I am posting about my MAIL BOX. I Know--it was a stretch--but it was a good excuse to bring up that great movie! Hee hee.

So I live in a charming little neighborhood, but we have quite a few little eyesores in the neighborhood. They look like this:

(I know I didn't take the time to block out our numbers--lets just pretend that I did...and how about nobody be a scary psycho and do anything weird with them...ok? Great.)
SO Since I have been getting pretty handy with my spray painting abilities, I decided it was time to at least freshen up MY mail box.
Mines' the one next to the white one. What a beaut!

So Lately, I have been into spray painting everything black. Don't worry, I'm not going through any Gothic faze or anything. I just have been adding some fun black touches here and there.

SO here is my little mailbox off the stand and in our garage receiving its first coat of Black Rustoleum (along with some other items that I will show you later). Oh and once again--notice my awesome little spray handle/nozzle--LOVE THAT THING!

Even the little flag got a make over--Thanks to my AWESOME neighbor who let me use some of her red paint. (Love you Kim!)

Here it is after a couple coats. The lighting is a little weird on it--so it looks a bit discolored from using my PHONE CAMERA!!!! AARRGGHH!! I WANT MY CAMERA HOME SAFE AND SOUND!!!! (My sister mailed it--and I am haunting my MAILBOX everyday!!)

And here is the little beauty all mounted and with new numbers.

Doesn't it look WAY BETTER? I'm hoping all my neighbors will see the change and will want to "freshen up" theirs too. (Kinda like Curb appeal-The Block. Does anybody watch that show? Accept if it were like that show then I would have to choose two neighbors and do their mailboxes as well as my own. Hmm Maybe this isn't so much like that show after all.)

Ok--one more before and after so you can ooh and aah one more time.
Now I've really GOT MAIL!

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