Thursday, June 17, 2010

School's Out--But Where is Summer?

Is anyone else wondering WHERE THE HECK SUMMER IS?

There are lots of children running around the neighborhood (that are usually in school at this time of day), there are flip flops by the door, and swimming suits and towels freshly laundered and ready for swimming lessons. The freezer is even stocked with ice cream and freezies (for you Americans who don't know what that is--let me translate--Otter Pops).

ALL the makings for SUMMER--but I look outside and all I see is GREY.

The SUN has not made a featured appearance for SOME TIME! My garden (which is usually growing and blooming abundantly by now)--is barely bigger than the seeds I planted! (However the weeds are doing lovely--how is that anyways?)

AND since it is SO GREY outside--it is NOT great weather for taking pictures of all the projects I have been up to! (Especially since I AM STILL HAVING TO TAKE PICTURES WITH MY PHONE--AS MY CAMERA IS STILL NOT HERE!!!!) The camera on my phone needs LOTS OF therefore I am stuck for a while.

But really THE LIGHT doesn't even matter as this morning I went to get some other pictures off my phone--and it is DEAD and my power cord is STILL IN THE CAMERA BAG WITH MY MISSING CAMERA!!!

So therefore I will NOT be posting pictures of any of the SUPER COOL, FUN, AWESOME, NEAT, CRAFTY, And THRIFTY things I have been doing!

You will just have to settle for a little whining and rambling in this post.


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  1. Really? If I say Freezies they won't know what I'm talking about?


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