Friday, March 26, 2010

Out with the Old

So--I have had the same old frame hanging on one of the walls of my bedroom for 7 years--and the same frame hung on the wall of our old house before that. It is one of those really boring--ho-humm multi picture frames--and not a cute one--kind of old school one. And so with no further adoo... Here it is:

Ugly. I know.

ANYWAYS, I was ready for a change. SO I went to my trusty dollar store and bought some fun frames that I liked the look of--but didn't care for the color--and SPRAY PAINTED them (and then sand papered them to make them look just a little antiqued--AND ALSO this hides the imperfections in my painting job! Nice trick). Yes--I know, I am currently having a love affair with spray paint. Then I took some cute paper and ribbon and VIOLA! Cute wall for only $3!

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