Sunday, March 14, 2010

$1 Cabinet Makeover

SO--We live in a SUPER small house. We're talking 6 of us living in 1200 square feet! Lets just say it is cozy. We have our computer AND my sewing area all in our Small Master Bedroom. Up until now I have had a tiny sewing table right next to our computer desk--and my sewing stuff stashed in any small cubby space I can find. But my awesome hunny wanted me to have a nicer space to sew and suggested we move things around to give me more space, AND he wanted to buy me a cabinet to house all my sewing stuff. So the project begins!

We decided to check out our local RE-Store (Like a Good Will for home improvement stuff) and we came across and awesome find! A small two door cabinet for only $1!!! All of the other cabinets were $20--but for some reason this one was ONLY A BUCK!!! I'm sorry I don't have a before picture of it. It was brown and ugly and the sides of it were un-finished. BUT it had potential.

SO we took it home and my hunny painted it white for me and added cork (from an old cork board that we already had) to both the unfinished edges so that it became a cork board for me to hang patterns and stuff while I am working on them! Here is as close to a before picture as I have:

Then I used my 50% off coupon at Joann's and SPLURGED on this thread holder ($7.50):

Which we then painted white and hung on the wall which is SUPER functional and REALLY pretty too!

Then I found a great blue wicker basket at Joann's that was already 50% off and it was a little damaged so they gave me an additional 10% off and so it only came to around $5.75.

THEN the dollar store came thru for me for the additional side baskets that I put on top of the cabinet. AND while I was at that same awesome dollar store--I happened upon the most awesome baskets for the INSIDE of my cabinet! FOR ONLY A DOLLAR EACH!!! AND they MATCHED EVERYTHING!!! It was meant to be!!

So adding up all the spray paint and EVERYTHING--I spent under $25 for the most AWESOME sewing area ever!!!

And Ta Da.....(drum roll please).... Here it is all together:

Let the sewing BEGIN!

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  1. Ok this is seriously even better than I imagined! It's SO AWESOME for you, what a fantastic space. The baskets are so cute and functional too. I'm so happy for you!


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