Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dress turned Skirt

I have been SO IMPRESSED with all the Re-Purposing going on out there in blogger-ville!! I have loved all the ideas of turning that old thing into this awesome new and improved thing!!


SO I have been searching my house over--trying to discover hidden gems within my own walls! And before ANYTHING gets thrown out--we are seeing if there is any old life in it left!

So here is one of my finds!
This was a little jumper dress that was getting too small for Nicole. SO I just cut the bodice part off and then sewed a casing and inserted some elastic into the bottom half--and now it is a super cute skirt! YAY!!!



  1. You do many thrifty things like I have done in the past so I think you may like to know an additional way to lengthen dresses or pants for your little girl. I will give the example of a nightie I lengthened.
    I had a jersey knit that was turquoise with a small orange print on the fabric and an orange embroidery design near the top and it was too short. At the thrift I choose an orange man's t-shirt that was the same color. I slashed the nightie all the way straight across about 6-8" above the hem. I then cut and serged a strip of orange t-shirt (as wide as the length needed) between the cut edges. Fast - Easy! It looks and works great. I have also taken a pair of short jeans and slashed the legs on a diagonal across both legs and inserted similar jean fabric. Seams became a fun design element. For comfort be careful the bulk of seams does not cross knees.
    I suppose it would work for almost anything if you are wise in fabric selection. It could be matched or contrasting. And almost anything can be slashed - straight, curved or on angles and an insert added.

  2. BTW - inserts can be wide waistbands, drop waist yokes or create an empire waist - make it according to the fashion whim of the time. Inserts can be covered with sheers or laces to 'fake' they were originally part of the item. Sheers/nets can be used to create texture and better color matches too. They are fun to scrunch/ruche, pleat or pin-tuck.


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