Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hubby's Lamp Re-Do

SO--after finishing my first lamp re-do (and loving the results), I have had my eye on this beige beauty on my hubby's side of the bed. It is the only beige thing in our all white bedroom.

I began by tracing out my lamp shade pattern on to some freezer paper (you can use any paper, but the advantage of using freezer paper is that you can iron it right on to your fabric instead of pinning it on--you do take it back off after cutting out your fabric--so don't go out and buy any--but if you have some on hand, it does make handy tracing paper).
I just started at the seam and rolled the shade along the paper--marking both the top and bottom edges until I got to the seam again. Then I connected the edges--this gave me my basic shade shape. I then added about 3/4 of an inch to both sides so I would have enough to roll over the inside edge.
Then I used the pattern I just created and cut it out of my fabric. I used SPRAY ADHESIVE and sprayed the wrong side of my fabric.
Next I started at the seam and matched up my top and bottom to where I wanted it to lay (so that I would have equal amounts on both edges to fold over to make a nice finished edge). I worked my way around the shade, pressing the fabric smooth all the way around. When I got to where I started--I folded over the edge so it looks nice and then I used a little fabric glue and glued it all the way down the seam.
Then I was ready to tackle the ends. I just ran a bead of fabric glue all the way around the edge of the shade and just a touch on the inside edge of the shade. Then I folded the fabric up and over the edge.

I also used a pin to tuck in the fabric right to the edge of the shade. This gives a really finished edge.

I then spray painted the base of the lamp white. And now--NO MORE BEIGE!!

And this is my finished project. I have to admit that it is not my favorite. I just don't care for the lamp in general--but I think this re-purposing makeover saved its life for a couple more years till I decide to replace it. I definitely am glad to see the beige gone!!
And I did it all for free since I already had all the materials on hand! So that's not bad!

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