Friday, March 12, 2010

Reversible Headbands

I saw these Headbands at the Long Thread and decided immediately that I had to make some for Me and Nicole! I love them!!
**Just a side note: If you are going to make them--use the pattern from the Long Thread--but don't follow the instructions--I thought they made it way to complicated! Just sew around the edges of the interfaced fabric pieces (with right sides together) and then turn it inside out and topstitch around it and add your elastic then) MUCH EASIER.
SO I went to the dollar store and got an 8 pack of head band elastics (for $1)--then sorted through my old scraps of fabric, added a little interfacing
and VIOLA!
Cutie Patootie Headbands that cost almost next to nothing. One elastic out of the 8 pack makes 2 headbands (You just cut them in half and sew each end into the edges of the headband--Which means you can make 16 headbands out of your old scraps for $1).
Even I wear them and LOVE THEM!!

The two smaller ones are Nicole's size and the middle one is the "adult" size--but I wear her little ones too and they look just fine!

I finished sewing them and asked Nicole if she would model so I could take this picture--but she was in the middle of playing with a friend--so she is not looking to impressed in these pictures. But you get the idea!

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