Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kid's Aprons

Happy Valentines Day!!

This was my gift to my kiddos for Valentines Day this year. I made them all little aprons so that they could be all decked out so that we could make valentines cookies together. So here are my little guys in their aprons.

Connor in Camo! He loves Camo anything and everything! So it was only fitting to make his apron out of it too! What a boy! This apron I made with the apron sides being like little casings for the neck strap to go thru--so that it has an adjustable neck strap. And I added a pocket in the front as well.

Nicole's was an adventure and ended up entirely different than I had planned. Lets just say this one was truly Serendipitous! I had wanted it to have 4 tiers of ruffles. But when you don't measure accurately and you cut the tiers too short--then you get to add more! So this ended up being a 7 tiered little gathered skirt, which made it SUPER ruffly and fun. Everytime I see her in it I tell her she needs to go get a bowl of fruit to wear on her head! It is just fun and girly and she loves it! I also made the neck strap with velcro at the back so that it can be adjustable.

And Landon's was just a plain little apron. I didnt do a lot extra with this one because it had such fun fabric. I didn't wan to cover up any of the cute little bugs or anything. And to tell you the truth--out of all the kids--he uses his the most. That little guy LOVES to help me in the kitchen. And since I always wear an apron, now so does he! Cute Cute!!

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