Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bye Bye Brass

What a busy weekend we have had!! My little hubby gets a GOLD star (or maybe it should be a white star) for all his hard work this weekend!
I am on a rampage to get rid of all the brass in our house. Our has has brass fixtures EVERYWHERE!! And I have hated them for 7 years!! Then I was inspired by the ladies over at Enchantresses3, who have transformed their homes using SPRAY PAINT. So I figured if they could do it--then SO CAN I!!
So therefore, this weekend my before mentioned AWESOME husband, took down ALL our fixtures (we're talking all the lights, towel bars, TP holders, curtain rods, etc. etc.) and spray painted them!! AND I NO LONGER HAVE BRASS FIXTURES!!! I have the look of all new fixtures for around $8 (the cost of a can of spray primer and paint). I am one happy woman!!

So here are some of the before pictures:
(And really the pictures don't do this makeover justice!)

And I was only able to get a shot of one of the towel bars because my hunny was so on the ball and took them apart faster than I could get the pictures taken--but just know that all the hand towels and TP holders looked just the same as this super attractive towel bar!

And here are the after pictures:

Let me just say again--I am ONE HAPPY WOMAN!!!

And that is not all my hubby did for me...Oh no! That is not all!


  1. Yay! What a simple change with a big impact. It looks GREAT!

  2. They look so beautiful! What an update.


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