Thursday, March 11, 2010

The dog that should have been a hat (2009)

Landon turns 3!

Ok--so there is a story behind this one. Actually, several. Ok. This was supposed to be a cake that looked like a baseball hat. NEEDLESS to say...the cake was NOT coming together into a baseball hat. SO I looked at all the pieces that I had and started to think of what I could do to salvage this cake (it was around 9:00 pm too). So I went to my favorite place on earth for cake ideas and found THIS. And figured I had just enough stuff to pull it off (thank goodness I had had a moment of weekness while I was shopping and just happened to buy a bag of m&m's, some licorice, whoppers and ding dongs--who knew I would NEED them? Me thats who. Who doesn't need that kind of stuff?) ANYWAYS--this is what I came up with in the nick of time!
And as a side note--if you want to do your cake ahead of time--when you do a cake like this with candies and stuff on it--Don't put the candies on until right before you want to serve the cake--if you leave it overnight the color leaches from the candy to the icing--making it look not great. OR TAKE YOUR PICTURES RIGHT AWAY SO THE CAKE STILL LOOKS GOOD. These pictures do not do this cake justice as the icing had kind of morphed into something weird. It really was cute the night before!!!

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