Friday, March 12, 2010

Ceiling Light Remodel

SO--our house has the UGLIEST lights ever!!! Actually all the fixtures in our house are really outdated. The people that lived here before us (and built the house) LOVED BRASS FIXTURES (and blue carpet--but we can't do anything about that right now--so lets stick with the fixtures shall we?) ANYWAYS, this is a picture of the ceiling lights that are found in all the bedrooms.

Isn't it attractive on SO many levels? Yes, I know--its bad. WELL, we were at our local Re-Store (which is like a Good Will for home improvement stuff) and we saw a new fixture for super cheap. Its nothing fancy but we swiped it up and spray painted it white and hung it in our room!!
AND I am so happy to be done with the ugly brass guy!!
Isn't it better?

Now we only need to go find 2 more for the other bedrooms and about 10 more for the bathrooms, hallways, and other areas in our house!!

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